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Our Most Popular Trails – 2019 Edition

March 28, 2019

These are Virginia Trail Guide’s TOP TWENTY most searched and most viewed Virginia hikes as of March 2019!

1) Great Channels

Why it’s so popular: You descend into a sandstone labyrinth!  Read More

Great Channels

2) Mount Rogers

Why it’s so popular: Wild ponies and wide open views as you hike to Virginia’s tallest peak!  Read More

Mount Rogers

3) Cascade Falls

Why it’s so popular: An easy hike to one of Virginia most impressive waterfalls!  Read More

Cascade Falls

4) Sharp Top

Why it’s so popular: Beautiful views from a distinctly shaped summit. There’s a bus that goes almost all the way to the top.  Read More

5) Hawksbill Summit Loop

Why it’s so popular: Shenandoah National Park’s tallest mountain has almost 360 degree views.  Read More


6) Rose River Loop

Why it’s so popular: Two significant waterfalls and beautiful stream footage on a moderate loop.  Read More

Rose River

7) Crabtree Falls

Why it’s so popular: The longest continuous waterfall in Virginia.  Read More

8) Devils Bathtub

Why it’s so popular: The crystal clear blue-green sandstone bathtub.  Read More

9) Dark Hollow Falls

Why it’s so popular: A short Shenandoah classic located right next to Big Meadows, the park’s biggest lodging/camping complex.  Read More

10) Cole/Cold Mountain

Why it’s so popular: Beautiful, open, grassy bald.  Read More

11) Marys Rock

Why it’s so popular: Another classic Shenandoah vista that is easily accessible.  Read More

12) Dragons Tooth

Why it’s so popular: A fun rock scramble and a cool monolithic rock with views from the top. Read More

13) Spy Rock

Why it’s so popular: 360 degree views from an impressive dome-shaped rock. Read More

14) Three Ridges

Why it’s so popular: Fantastic views and one of Virginia’s toughest hikes. Read More

15) Appalachian Trail – Ashby Gap to Bears Den (The Roller Coaster)

Why it’s so popular: The roller coaster is a fun way to suffer and there’s a view at the end. Read More

16) Moorman’s River and Big Branch Falls

Why it’s so popular: It’s kind of a mystery why this landed in the top 20. I guess people like waterfalls and it’s close to Charlottesville? Sorry the photo is awful – our camera died that day and we only have phone photos. Read More

17) Humpback Rocks

Why it’s so popular: Super views and it’s just one of those hikes everyone does. Not one of our favorites though! Read More

18) The Priest

Why it’s so popular: Great view and a very popular training hike with lots of elevation gain! We hiked it the easy way for our blog post. Read More

19) Big Schloss

Why it’s so popular: One of the best view hikes that’s located close to 81 and NoVa. Read More

20) Appalachian Trail – Catawba to Daleville

Why it’s so popular: It has McAfee Knob and Tinker Cliffs – say no more. Read More

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