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Terms of Use

Outdoor recreation has a higher level of risk than most activities, and can be potentially hazardous/dangerous/lethal. Forms of outdoor recreation on this site include hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, and backpacking. Risk is always a factor during backcountry activities/trail travel, especially when weather is unfavorable/unpredictable, or when unforeseen events or conditions create a hazardous situation. There are many other risks, both natural and/or man-made, that could lead to injury or death while traveling in backcountry.

It is the responsibility of the users of this website to familiarize themselves with the necessary skills for safe hiking and backcountry travel. All participants must assume responsibility for their own actions and safety, exercise sound judgment, be prepared for all types of conditions. Users should seek advice on current weather and trail conditions. Trail conditions change from day to day, and from season to season, therefore rendering any information on this website subject to change without warning.

We recommend that site users become thoroughly familiar with HikeSafe.

Outdoor recreation presents participants with a number of potentially dangerous and possibly lethal hazards, including lightning, flooding, snow/ice, falling trees, falling rocks, landslides, etc. Many of the trails described cross terrain with exposed rock faces, cliffs and scrambles where fatal falls are possible. The areas covered by Virginia Trail Guide are also home to wildlife that may be dangerous, including but not limited to bears, snakes, and disease-carrying insects.

Although the authors of Virginia Trail Guide try to make the information contained on this website as accurate as possible, as well as to point out some of the potential hazards on some of the trails, they disclaim any liability for accident, loss, injury, inconvenience or any other damage that may be sustained by anyone using the information contained on this website. Those who use this information, and those who venture into backcountry wilderness, do so at their own risk. You are solely responsible for using your judgment in interpreting and using this information to safely enjoy your own outdoor pursuits.

The information contained on this website is not intended to replace maps, compasses, outdoor skills. Content is published primarily as the personal travelogue of Christine and Adam Anderson.  The public is welcome to read trail descriptions so that they may have a general idea of what to expect on a particular hike. We take no responsibility nor assume liability for inaccuracies, errors, omission, or incompleteness of any information. Virginia Trail Guide and/or anyone contributing information to this site shall not be held liable for any inconvenience, accidents, damage to property, rescues, injuries or loss of life should you undertake any of the hikes listed on this website.

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  1. jamie permalink
    November 3, 2017 1:16 pm

    I plan on coming here tomorrow with 2 dogs, small dogs but they love hiking. is this a bad idea?


    • November 3, 2017 3:09 pm

      We’ve hiked Sharp Top many times and have always found the trail to be well-maintained, easy to follow, and generally moderate terrain. I can’t speak to the other commentator’s personal experience, but I’ve not found the Sharp Top trail to be different than other Virginia Terrain. Maybe call the visitor’s center and ask for their input!

      It looks like they did some extensive improvement on the trail last summer, too:


  2. bob permalink
    July 20, 2015 7:31 am

    nearly died on sharp top trail , trails are poorly maintained with NO direction, thanks to a lot of people whom spent hours finding me and helping me , this is a big thanks



    • July 20, 2015 8:47 am

      Wow, Bob – very glad to hear that you’re OK! What happened!? We haven’t been on the Sharp Top trail in several years, but trails were in pretty good shape last time we visited.


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