Other Trails in Virginia

These hikes are in Virginia, but are not in Shenandoah National Park, along the Blue Ridge Parkway or on National Forest Land.

  • Beaver Lake Trail – Pocahontas State Park
    (2.5 miles, elevation gain: 200 ft. -pretty lake views)
  • Edith J. Carrier Arboretum – Harrisonburg, Va
    (Various lengths, easy stroll through beautiful native/botanical gardens.)
  • Elk Run Trail – Elkton, VA
    (Various lengths, nearly flat system of wooded running/walking paths.)
  • Fortune’s Cove – Lovingston, VA
    (5.1 miles, elevation gain: 1700 ft – surprisingly tough with beautiful Virginia countryside views.)
  • House Mountain – Lexington, VA
    (8.75 miles, elevation gain: 2850 ft. – gorgeous panoramic views from rocky outcroppings.)
  • Hungry Mother Lake Loop
    (6.1 miles, elevation gain: 830 ft. – lake scenery)
  • Molly’s Knob – Hungry Mother State Park
    (3.8 miles, elevation gain: 1000 ft. – nice views)
  • Pamplin Historical Park – Petersburg, VA
    (5-6 miles, elevation gain: 200 ft – history, good birding, close to Richmond)
  • Sky Meadows Loop – Sky Meadows State Park
    (5.5 miles, elevation gain: 1100 ft. – gorgeous open meadow views)
  • South Valley Trail – Prince William Forest Park
    (3.1 miles, elevation gain: negligible. – pretty stream and man-made lake)
  • Twin Pinnacles Trail – Grayson Highlands State Park
    (1.6 miles, elevation gain: 250′, nice views looking toward Mr. Rogers)

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